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  Civil Society Participation

The participation by targeted local community will be encouraged through two proposed core programme developed under the ROLPOP.

The two core programme are SMART Ranger and RIVER Ranger. A programe which was developed specifically to tackle different type of issues as have been identified during the site visits and close consultation with the targeted local community RA’s/KRT’s or mosque committee leader. Elements of Civic Science will be the core programme to be infused into the training programme organize for both.

The civic science fundamental process for civil society participation mainly to instill the following:

Targeted local community will be trained and educated based on the above civic science concept. Their participation in specific training programme such as SMART Ranger or RIVER Ranger definitely will develop the civil society capacity building in tackling the localize issues at their local level. This is because the introduced civic science not only prioritize awareness, knowledge and skills but also how to take action. Targeted civil society should be able to take action on their own with sufficient knowledge and skills developed through this concept.

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