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  Local communities

Generally the local community is defined as the peoples living along the main Klang river and it main tributaries. Selected local community within 300 meters but not confined to this on both sides of Klang River and closest tributaries within the project site.

The selection of the targeted local communities is based on geographical, demographic and river basin concept. They are divided into 10 zones covering all main three sections of Sg Klang (upstream, midstream and downstream). In order to get more balance impact from possible various sources all the 3 main tributaries of the Klang river also included. There are from:

  • Sg Kemensah basin
  • Sg Sering basin
  • Sg Sisir basin 

The map below shows the location of the targeted zone area as identified to be a potential area where their registered RA’s/KRT’s was invited to the project consultation and briefing event. A meeting and briefing was held at MPAJ main office on 4th and 7th November recently.

ROLPOP local communities by zones 1 to 10 at www.myROL.my
Map shows the targeted local community areas, demarcated as Zones 1 to 10 as follows:

Zone 1: Taman Rekreasi Empangan Klang Gate and adjacent areas (Jln P3; Jln P4; JlnTmnMelawati) - Sg Klang

Zone 2: River View Apartments / adjacent area (JlnMelawati 5; Jln K1, K2 and K4) - Sg Klang

Zone 3: Kg Fajar - Sg Klang

Zone 4: Kg Kemensah (JlnTaman Zoo View) - Sg Kemensah

Zone 5: Sierra UK - Sg Permata / Sg Kemensah

Zone 6: WangsaMelawati (JlnWangsa Ceria 2; 7; 8 and 9) Kuala Lumpur- Sg Gisir

Zone 7: Taman AU5 - Sg Klang / Sg Sisir

Zone 8: Taman Mulia (Jln Mulia1 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 5) - Sg Sering

Zone 9: AU 3 (Flats) - Sg Klang

Zone 10: Jln Enggang; Jln Enggang Selatan, Lorong Enggang - Sg Klang


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