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  River Resources / Games We Like


 For Researchers / Graduate Students
National Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) System

This is one of the most comprehensive web resources we've used that contains River and Water Resources for Malaysia. Its free but registration is required. If you want to Download the documents you need to write to En Hafizul (DID) aimme@water.gov.my


For Students

Protecting Water Project       by the Hawaii State Department of Health Clean Water branch and the City and County of Honolulu

Virtual Water Cycle Model       {Michigan Water Stewardship] This is a very interactive and clear learning resource. It does need you to install Microsoft Silverlight.  


Links to Interactive Water and Eco Games from around the World Wide Web 

  [Fun School Kaboose

Michael, Michael Go Recycle!!
With FunSchool Kaboose
Help Michael recycle! Pick up all the litter in the park and stop all the litterbugs before time runs out! 

Earth Day Preskool Quiz 
With FunSchool
Get your brain in gear for Earth Day. Have a Quizzy fun while you clean up the environment. 

Free The Beach  
With FunSchool Kaboose Free the Beach and save the environment by dragging the litter to its proper recycling bin

Clean Up Your World 
Clean Up Your World with this fun drag-and-drop game. It makes a great kids' introduction to recycling, the earth sciences and the environment.


Water Logged 
With Nat & Geo Kids: Kayak down the Red River & Explore a Shipwreck   


Recycle Roundup 
Help Gus clean up the park by rounding up the         

Creek Cleanup 
Help our toucan friend make the river a cleaner place


River Explorer  
Explore the Pandi River and Discover Treasures

Dung Bettle Derby   
Without the dung bettle the world would be Stinky place. Help the roll away the dung ball..      

Frog Flicker
Help feed the frog with fresh riverside buffet of bug variety  
 [Environment Protection Agency]

Waste No Words Crossword Puzzle 
A word finder/bender to test your rubbish facts     

 [Michigan Water Stewardship]


Down the Drain You Go!! 
Are you Urban or Rural water user? Learn how your water habits at home can be improved  

Sweetwater Village 
Be a Mayor of your very own village and a reaponsible water steward.        

 [H2O University]

Water Conservation Song  
[H2O University]  Something to singalong to but NOT in the shower or you'll be wasting water...                 

S.O.S. for Water Song
[H2O University]  Hipster Watery song for young Conservationistas!!...    

Fix the Leaks  
[H2O University]  Help save water !! Find leaks around the home and stop ater from being wasted. (Lower primary -Preschool)     

 [Saving Water Partnership]

Bert & Phil's Water Busters!  Help Bert & Phil have a Big problem with their water bill. Help them save money and the environment    


River Crossing Puzzle 
Smart Kit's highly popular river Crossing Brain teaser. All you need to do is help a farmer, his son and daughter and their pets cross the river- Easy riiiight??  

Scooby Doo : River Rapids Rampage Episode 1
Help Scooby and Shaggy  through a series of interactive action and Logic  based puzzles  
                    ** Note: Graphical Images are abstracted from respective websites**





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