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  General Public

General public has been defined as the whole population living in the 40km2 study area from the upstream of the Sg Klang to the confluence of Klang and Ampang rivers. There are estimated to be around 146,000 people living within this area.

How to participate 

The general public can participate in the ROLPOP programme through events like:

  • River carnival in partnership or joint with other corporate, private and NGO’s 
  • Open classroom at designated area such as in the recreational area/public park in the upstream and downstream of Klang river 
  • Public events at selected premises/commercial area such as shopping mall, wet market, business center and supermarket through special campaign, roadshow and exhibition
  • Participating in conjunction with other related national and international events organized by ROLPOP 
  • e-Media such as internet and social media networks, etc


Feedback by general public targeted under ROLPOP can be made through several communication modes. This includes the following:

  • Feedback form or online interactive form webpage 
  • Response through social network (FB, twitter, blogs etc) 
  • Reporting


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