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  RIVER Ranger programme activities

The RIVER Ranger programme will focus more on the river related issues such as river pollution and river water quality. The targeted local community from each zone will be trained with specific skills and knowledge on specific activities on how the community can monitor their nearby river. This will include the most three basic methods in the river monitoring:

  1. Physical Monitoring
    Monitoring the river water quality using river report card 
  2. Chemical Monitoring
    Monitoring river water quality using the special water testing kit 
  3. Biomonitoring
    Monitoring the river ecosystem by observation mainly the aquatic lives particularly the invertebrate

Trained local community then can decide to monitor their nearby river and share their monitoring experiences with the relevant authority.

Established RIVER Ranger also can be empowered by the government or relevant agencies to become their “Eyes and Ears” (applicable if mechanism of establishment agreeable by both – government agencies and local community).

Educational Material for this programme includes:

  • Be a River Ranger
  • River Report Card
  • Bio monitoring booklet
  • River Ranger Booklet
  • Water auditing


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