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  SMART Ranger programme activities

The SMART Ranger programme particularly designed to focus on the area where most of the issues related to the solid waste management. Through the programme selected local community from the targeted zones will be trained on the specific skills and knowledge on how the solid waste can be managed properly in their respective area.

The specially developed SMART Ranger module will be used during the TOT (Train-the-Trainer) programme. Thus committed group can be formed and implementing some initiatives related to the solid waste as their localize action plan by the SMART Ranger community.

The SMART Ranger programme main objectives are:

  1. Create and enhance civil soiety awareness on managing resources. 
  2. A way for them to contribute to environmental well-being 
  3. To teach them the importance of reducing their waste and recycling 
  4. To initiate a systematic and scheduled recycling programme 
  5. To help generate revenue for civil society as an alternative income generation activities (i.e: Waste to Wealth Programme) 
  6. To set-up a Recycling Collection Centre, where possible or enhance use of an existing centre.

SMART Ranger has various types of activities which the targeted civil society can initiate based on their interest and most relevant to the localize issues such as:

  • Recycling Programme (i.e recycling old newspaper, boxes, aluminum can, tetra pack, plastic bottle and etc)
  • Composting Programme (i.e organic waste, garden waste and kitchen waste and etc)
  • Garbage enzyme (i.e organic waste into enzyme)
  • Candle and soap making from used cooking oil


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