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  School Kits

Education tools will be provided to the selected schools in assisting them on their respective initiatives.

Easy step information materials will be provided (as developed) to assist the implementation process. The tools (one each per school) are according to the programme.

RIVER Ranger:

  • Educational Water Testing Kits
  • River Ranger training materials

SMART Ranger

  • Composting Kits
  • Garbage Enzyme Kits

Giving empowerment for the schools will add positive value to the project where they will have more knowledge and deeper understanding of an issue and will be able to use skills that they have learnt to deal with the issue. The empowerments were to be carried out via training, workshop and site visit. Those aspects to be covered in the training will be:

  • River Ranger and SMART Ranger training of trainers (ToT).
  • River monitoring and reporting
  • Arts of waste reduction; composting, nature craft, Enzyme juice, organic garden, used cooking oil initiatives
  • Website, blogs and online monitoring as well as reporting


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