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  RIVER Ranger

Through the River Ranger Programme students are given the knowledge, skill and responsibility to carry out water quality monitoring at their local rivers and to report their findings and any illegal activities to the relevant authorities. It is with this, through civic science approach, students will begin to take ownership and change their lifestyle to reduce the negative impacts on their river.

The RIVER Rangers training will provide an overview/concept of integrated river basin management and will involve practical field training that exposes the schools to the real situation at hand, and teaches them how to monitor water quality using 3 different methods: physical, chemical and biological indicators. This particular activity will enhance the appreciation of rivers and water as valuable and limited natural resources to the peoples living in the basin.

Hands on activities cover river mapping and river health check. River mapping studies covers various aspects as ecology, hydrology and river mapping, Through RIVER mapping programme, RIVER Rangers will learn how the action they take in their home, school or street can impact on their wider environment. The RIVER mapping activities will also encourage an interest in other environmental issues.

As RIVER Rangers, the rangers will be responsible for Monthly River monitoring activities especially the river that flows nearby their schools if any. More importantly, this kind of training will also lead to other benefits if enough support and motivation given. Schools have immense human resource and are able to raise community support for school projects/initiatives. Therefore, it is hoped that once the school children have received their training, they will initiate water/river conservation projects in their schools and gather community support for it. This in turn will benefit the community and the environment.

Following the training session, other activities such as clean-up, river walk, pollution mapping, and river bank beautification will be conducted along the proposed river under this programme. These activities will be useful in understanding where the source of pollution comes from and the effects of river pollution and how it affects the basin as a whole. Overall, River Rangers will be exposed to river protection, conservation, rehabilitation and clean-up, and water auditing at home.


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