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My ROL POP Polls

Total submit: 100

1. Which activity (s) do you think have the greatest negative effect on River water quality in your area. (you may choose more than one)?

Pollution from factories
Sewage discharge
Restaurant / kitchen waste
Rubbish dumping
Erosion from construction sites
Construction waste
River engineering works

2. Please list THREE main issues related to our rivers that you are worried about?

Contamination of drinking water
Unbearable smell
Loss of biodiversity (plants and animals)
Unsafe for direct body contact
Poor river aesthetics
None of the above
Don’t know / not sure

3. Choose THREE main daily household activities that you think, may have direct negative impact to the water quality of your nearest river?

Kitchen solid waste
Dishwashing water discharge
Household / Gardening Rubbish
Laundry wastewater
Toilet / Shower / Sewage discharge
None of the above
Don't know / not sure

4. Which party/agency (s), do you think should be most responsible for the rivers in your area?

Indah Water Konsortium (IWK)
Department of Environment
Department of Irrigation & Drainage
Jabatan Landskap
Private sectors (Developers, Industries etc)
Non-Government Organizations
Rukun Tetangga / Residential Association
All the above

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